By Melissa N. Robertson

Washed as White as Snow

The Good News of Jesus Christ

NOW AVAILABLE! The moment man brought sin into the world, separation from God and death came with it. Man wasn’t the only one impacted by sin as creation also suffered. Creation took on its own weight of uselessness to God as thorns rose from the ground and death ensnared its beauty. However, creation and man have waited with great expectation for the return of Jesus Christ who brings the hope and promise for redeeming that which man lost. As creation waits, it cries out to God. We see many pieces of creation crying out to God’s glory and grace through sunrises, sunsets, oceans, mountains, leaves of the trees, stars, and so much more. However, do we truly look beyond what the naked eye can see to behold another piece of creation crying out for the Lord’s loving grace for our hearts?

Author & Photographer

Melissa N. Robertson

Melissa Robertson has always enjoyed taking pictures and writing. In 2016, she made the commitment to write a book that would shine God’s love through her life’s story. It wasn’t until 2018 that God made clear the direction He wanted to take Melissa and her book. Her snowflake photography became an inspiration to write God’s story.


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